How are Missions supported at FPC?

Answer:  The Missions are supported in the following ways:


  1. 10% of the General Fund tithing supports Missions
  2. The designated “Faith Promise” gift adds additional funding to Missions
  3. Designated offerings to a particular mission are added to the funds that are regularly sent to that mission
  4. Memorials or estate planning gifts also can be used to fund FPC sponsored missions

During the Missions Emphasis Weekend FPC members are encouraged to pledge (a non-binding agreement with FPC) Faith Promise funding above their tithe for the next calendar year’s mission budget.  These pledges are not published individually or collectively, but are given to the church treasurer to help project the budget for the upcoming year.  The privacy of the giving and giver are protected by the treasurer and never disclosed to the committee or anyone else.  The pledge looks something like: