Women Encouraging Women

to Grow in Relationship 
to God 
and Each Other

In the Body of Christ we live.  And whether you see yourself as a hand, an ear, a knee, or a back molar you and I are an integral part of Christ's church body and as so eloquently described by Paul in 1 Corinthians, "God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be." (12:18)

Our Women's Ministry here at the First Presbyterian Church, Niceville is focused on providing events, programs, and studies that encourage and strengthen our women as they grow and continue to discover their place in God's body of believers.  All of the programs and events are prayerfully designed to motivate, encourage, and teach us all in seeing what our own relationship with Christ looks like. 

Our women's groups and functions are planned for the building of friendships, the joy in sharing our blessings and talents but most of all to embolden you and me to be a woman of influence within our home, church, and community.  Providing the support that each of us needs, enabling us to step up and step out and be that part of Christ's body that He has called us to be, that's what the Women's Ministry here at First Presbyterian embraces as their vision.

Please come and see for yourself the faith and fun that the women of First Presbyterian share.

We pray that each of our programs will strengthen a facet of your relationship with Christ and build you up as you focus on Him and what He has planned for your life unfolds. 

 Opportunities to Connect 

Our Women's Bible Studies are open to all ladies of all ages and Bible study experience.  We believe that our women's study groups are as enjoyable and strong as they are due to the many different types of women whether in age or experience who come together to share friendship, knowledge and support.  So join any of our groups today!