A Community of Faith, Hope, and Love;

Committed to Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.

Imagine with me, if you will, belonging - really belonging - to a special community. Imagine being a part of a safe place where you can risk being known and still feel accepted.   A place where people have a vision for who you can be in Christ, and are willing to walk with you to realize that vision.  What if you were in fact on a "mission from God" pursuing a holy passion and caught up in a cause bigger than yourself, the effects of which will echo through all eternity.  What if such a place really did, or could, exist?  What if you realized that the church, rightly envisioned, can and should be such a place?


In the Bible God gives us pictures of His church's future through heavenly visions-previews of coming attractions, spiritually speaking.  The Scriptures describe God's intention for his church and what should characterize it.   Picturing it with your mind's eye is what we call a vision.  A vision is a picture of a preferable future.   A vision is something you 'see' which doesn't yet necessarily exist, yet it awakens desire for something more.  A specific vision provides identity and mission.   It asks and answers two important questions: 1) Who are we? 2) What are we to do?    What follows is our specific vision for FPC as adopted by our elders: 


Who are we?  We envision becoming a transforming community of grace that worships and relates authentically, thus creating an environment where faith, hope, and love grow. 


Our vision is of a place where, because of the Gospel, we help create an atmosphere where God's people can stir each other to love more deeply, live more fully, and begin experiencing the life-giving, life-sharing, life-revealing community called church. In a society filled with lonely and hurting people, God's people must fulfill the calling to authentically live a life of grace and truth with integrity. This kind of church will attract those who need Christ because it is the church He envisioned.


What are we to do?   What are we all about? To what end does such a community exist?  We must be about knowing Christ (Eph. 1:17 & Phil. 3:10).  It's all about Jesus-discovering Him, knowing Him, and loving Him! The vision of Christ-seeing Jesus-is transforming! (1 John 3:2b)  The more we intimately and accurately know His person and character, the more we will be like Him (2 Cor. 3:18).  When our eyes are on Him we see Him in his beauty and we see more beauty in others.


But we can't stop there; we can't keep Him for ourselves.  We must also make him known!   Paul reminds us of God's mission for us as the church:  "His intent was that through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known..." (Eph. 3:10).   We make him known by sharing the Gospel (Good News)!   First, we share the Gospel with ourselves.  Then we share the Gospel with one another (in worship and one on one.)  And we also share the Gospel with others locally and globally; over here and over there.  We do not exist for ourselves but to be a people missionally focused seeking to reach others for Christ.  We want to become a community in order to reach the community and beyond with the Gospel.


Such a vision can perhaps be best expressed in the following summary form:


A Community of Faith, Hope, and Love;

Committed to Knowing Christ and Making Him Known.