First Presbyterian Church does not necessarily endorse the content of the Christian web sites
listed below.
They are here for your convenience.

Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, The

Answers to Tough Questions (RBC Ministries)

Answers in Genesis

Belhaven College

The Bible Study Hour(Dr. James M. Boice)

By Faith Online(The PCA's Online Magazine)

CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)

CCEF (Christian Counseling & Education Foundation)

Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

The American Chesterton Society

Christian Answers Network
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Christian Today Movies

Christianity Net
Covenant College
Covenant Theological Seminary

Creation Research Society

Credenda Agenda

C. S. Lewis: 20th-Century Christian Knight

Discovery Institute

Dove Foundation (Family Friendly Movie Reviews)

Every Student (Answering Questions About Life & God)

Family Research Council

Fixed Point Foundation (Christian Think Thank)

Founders Ministries (Historic Southern Baptist Perspective)

Da Vinci Resources 

Geneva Institute for Reformed Study
Gospel.com (A Community of Online Resources)
Hall of Church History, The
Institute for Creation Research
Into the Wardrobe(The C. S. Lewis Web Site)

Jesus: Fact or Fiction?(Follow-up to The Passion of the Christ)

Jesus and Da Vinci (Who Was Jesus Really?)

Key Life Network(The Steve Brown Web Site)

Kings Meadow Study Center (The George Grant Web Site)

Lee Stroble - Investigating Faith (What Christians Believe)

Martin Luther (Select Works of)

Mockingbird (Connecting Christian faith with everyday life)

On Doctrine (Discerning Truth from Error)

Presbyterian Church in American (PCA)

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

Reformation Ink

Reformation Societies International

Reformed Theological Seminary

Reformed University Ministries

The Spurgeon Archive (Sermons & Writings of C. H. Spurgeon)

Stand to Reason (Defending the Christian Faith)

STR Place: Just Think... (Stand to Reason's Student Site)

Summit Ministries

Table Talk (Ligonier Ministries)

The Table-Talk of Martin Luther

The Threshold (Classic Resources of Historic Christian Faith)

The White Horse Inn (Dr. Michael Horton)

Theology Now (Responses to Current Skeptical Thought)

Third Millennium Ministries (Dr. Richard Pratt)

Troubled With (Immediate Help; Long Term Hope)

World Magazine  (On the Web)


Sites for Seekers